Mars, the planet of action and drive, strongly influences Aries. Mars' association with war, passion, and ambition explains Aries' initiative and determination.


Venus is involved because Tauruses are loyal, indulgent, and self-aware. Venus symbolises love, attraction, harmony, art, and beauty for Taureans.


Mercury rules communication, and Geminis excel at it. Mercury represents intellect, the mind, logic, and reasoning, which any Gemini will tell you are important.


The Moon, especially for Cancers, has personal effects. The Moon controls our emotions, habits, moods, and unconsciousness. Cancers are intuitive about their emotions and those of others.


While not a planet, the Sun has a huge impact. Since Leo is their ruling sign, they understand this better. What does it say about Leos that the Sun represents ego, core personality, and vitality?


Mercury controls Gemini and Virgo. Mercury, which rules the mind, communication, and intellect, affects Virgos differently. They value communication, but for a purpose.


Venus rules Libra, like Taureans. Libra brings love, beauty, and art to people. Libra attracts and gets along with others, but appearances still matter.


Some signs have two planets. Pluto rules Scorpio, the planet of death, rebirth, mystery, and darkness. Scorpios are comfortable with taboo topics.


Jupiter is the planet of expansion, philosophy, travel, abundance, and luck. Recognize? Sagittarius are free-spirited and optimistic. They want to learn more and experience more.


Saturn is strict. Thus, the sign it rules would be strict, hardworking, and adamant about their boundaries. Capricorns are workaholics and self-critical.


Aquarius, like Scorpio, has multiple planets. Uranus the planet of innovation, rebellion, and technology is the typical Aquarius body.


Pisces are creative, sensitive, and dreamy. One look at their ruling planet Neptune explains many of those traits. Neptune rules intuition, dreams, illusion, and confusion.