Aries are addicted because risk-takers have less dopamine-inhibiting receptors. New tasks and threats make people feel better, so they'll want them.


Taurus crave subtle, sensual delights. They like massages, candles, linen, flowers, and sound systems. Taurus are more likely to be hooked to spa days and me-time than skydiving or overeating.


Social media junkies are Geminis. Geminis enjoy to chat. Even if it disturbs sleep and social life, people spend hours on social media.


Cancer loves sickness. Repairing someone beats loneliness. Cancers thrive in relationships, even if their partners don't. They'll stay together forever. Cancers think love fixes everything.


Leos crave attention. Have you seen a Leo create drama? Amazing. Leos display everything. Onstage, Leo. Leos are magnetic, dress up for holidays, and give the nicest gifts.


Virgos want knowledge. Virgo appreciates knowledge's power. Fortunately, they learn and remember quickly. They can compete in a trivia or storytelling contest. 


Libras love their personalised devices. Social networking and texting are allowed. Staring at their phone while uncomfortable or avoiding conflict makes them appear cool.


Passionate and physical. They like experimenting with evil. Their libido makes them want to go and recuperate soon. They instinctively know what their partner wants. 


Sagittarius crave change. They'll get restless if still. They want new things and people. Because they dread missing out, they want to see and do everything. If they move, they'll find a sponsor.


Workaholic Capricorns. Capricorn obsession is risky. Instead of faults, they concentrate on work. Workaholic Capricorns don't eat, exercise, or sleep.


Aquarians love technology. Their inventions are aided by new technology. Aquarians watch fresh findings so they're ready when they're released.


Pisces' addictions rely on their mood. They may overwork or oversleep depending on their mood. Love can addict Pisces because they love it. Pisces' addictions are unpredictable.

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