When you're in a serious relationship, your partner has to be reliable enough to let you have your own life while still being committed to you.


A committed relationship is characterised by predictability, as both partners know what to expect from one another and are comfortable talking about their feelings and thoughts.


You can count on being open and frank about your emotions, hobbies, and future goals with your significant other in a committed relationship.


When you're in a serious relationship, you want your significant other to show you constant affection and reassurance that they're still into you.


The expectation in a serious relationship is that both partners will be completely open and honest with one another at all times.

When you're in a serious relationship, it's reasonable to hope that your partner will listen to and respect your ideas, even if they're diametrically opposed to their own.



In a serious connection, you should be able to count on sharing a lot of attentive, undivided time with one another.


When you're in a serious relationship, your partner should respect your personal space without questioning it or trying to make you feel bad about it.


If your partner truly respects you, they will never question or make excuses for violating the limits you set for the relationship.


When you're in a serious relationship, you rely on each other to help you establish a solid foundation for your home and your future together.


In a long-term partnership, each partner should feel completely loved and accepted without any need for them to alter who they are.


You can count on your partner in a committed relationship to be open and accepting of your emotional and psychological quirks without making you feel strange or overemotional.

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