Avoid bad relationships by not switching partners or crushes. Decide for yourself. Ask yourself if these people you're pursuing deserve you.


Avoid bad relationships by being outgoing. If you never approach people, how will they get to know you? Be bold and date who you want, not who asks.


Cynicism prevents bad relationships. Don't assume your partner is telling the truth, didn't mean to hurt you, or shares your morals and heart. Question discrepancies. They may act suspiciously.


Avoid bad relationships with your gut. Stop forgiving innocent people. If they make you uncomfortable, don't keep trying. Walk away.


Avoid bad relationships by refusing attention. Enjoy their texts and compliments without dating. No obligation. They're nice, but don't date them.


Honesty prevents bad relationships. Both. Complaining could end your relationship. If they don't listen or respect your boundaries, they're bad for you.


Avoid bad relationships with firmness. Apply laws. Boundaries with partners are fine. Disregarding your boundaries or accusing you of overreacting makes them unworthy. Get out. Don't keep forgiving.


Risk rejection to avoid bad relationships. Stop choosing "safer" options because anyone can hurt you. If there are no red flags, date the person you want.


Be patient to avoid bad relationships. Before dating, get to know someone. Slow down. Pace yourself. If you fall in love too quickly, it will be harder to leave.


Avoid bad relationships by avoiding paper partners. Right person may surprise you. It's good to have standards for a partner, but they may be good for you even if they don't fit all the boxes.


Stop dating the same people if you want to avoid bad relationships. Repeating the same thing won't change history. Try a new person if you don't get along. Try it.


Confidence avoids bad relationships. Value yourself. Because you're blind, you've accepted lower-class people. Abused people. Confidence can prevent toxic relationships even without self-love.

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