You tell your partner you feel unappreciated and taken for granted. You'll say it once, maybe twice, but if your person doesn't change, you'll leave.


Watch your partner before making any decisions. If you feel unappreciated, you will distance yourself from this person and give them the silent treatment until they realize their mistake.


Joking about your partner's change helps you understand. You may drunk text your partner asking for a break and expressing your feelings, but you'll change your mind the next day.


Ask their friends and family if they're abusing you or need help. Love makes you tolerate bad behavior. You can't leave people because you always see their best.


You'll leave if they misbehave. If you feel ignored or unloved, you're not subtle about it. If they don't change, you'll break up.


You'll punish them. You'll act like them to show them. Because you believe that actions speak louder than words, you like teaching your partner a lesson when you don't feel appreciated.


Since you have a strong support system and don't need anyone to be happy, you'll let them figure out their feelings while you live your best life.


They'll regret neglecting you. Play until they chase you again. Apologizing is manipulable. You have many tricks and use them when necessary.


Invite them on a hike or romantic getaway. If you don't feel appreciated, talk to your partner to reignite passion and love. You'll keep going until you succeed.


Don't leave. Before telling them you're better off without each other and citing statistics, you probably have an excel sheet of your partner's qualities.


You'll indicate dissatisfaction and change. You may post social media quotes or reels about feeling unappreciated and knowing your worth. Your partner will sense your emotions.


You'll cook or give them a nice gift. "Killing them with kindness" works almost always because your partner feels guilty for not appreciating your kindness and acts immediately.


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