9 of Cups.
Relationships require emotional stability. You don't want a stoic. You need someone honest.


6 of Swords
Change can break relationships, you learned. If you or your partner change enough, it can destroy love. It may be a gradual change that ends.


9 of Wands
You discovered that long-term relationships require perseverance. There will always be hard times, but avoiding them will cost you a great relationship.


4 of Pentacles

You discovered that control reduces love. Relationship power imbalances cause unhappiness and abuse. Controlling partners are unfit.


Ace of Cups
You discovered that love and compassion are essential in relationships. Nothing is worth holding onto after love fades. Hope for change is limited.


The Chariot
You learned that conflict resolution requires partnership. It's a one-sided relationship that won't last if only one person tries to resolve conflicts.


8 Cups.
You learned that walking away can be hard but best. Some relationships fail, and you may have stayed too long because you thought ending it was "failure."


Card: Temperance
You learned that relationships require patience. Speed varies. To work, you and your partner must consider each other's speed and attention.


5 of Pentacles
You learned that a relationship with anxiety is bad. Finding the one brings contentment and security. If it's uncomfortable, something's wrong.


Pentacles 10
You need someone ambitious. Because you work hard, being with someone unmotivated will make you lonely. Balance requires a future-focused partner.


10 of Wands
You realized true love shouldn't be hard. If every moment isn't filled with struggle and burdens, that love will fail.


King of Cups
You discovered that emotional balance makes relationships happy. Your emotionality can attract less-emotional partners. To have a good conversation, you need a peer.

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