Dedicated. War god's partner must fight. Long-term success requires blind obedience. Aries won't abandon their partner without an ethical sacrificial partner.


Timelessness. Taurus needs a lifelong match. A timeless Cartier tank watch. A graceful person and relationship that grows in value.


Stability. Geminis need to see you can weather any storm. They want someone who can handle heat, wear, and provide support under pressure.


No regrets. Cancers need a reconciler. Someone who doesn't count who does the dishes every night to use against their partner later.


Evolution. Leos constantly make friends, so they need an open-minded partner. They can't be with someone who has the same friends and routine since high school.


Unconditional love. Virgos need love in good and bad times. Someone to love them when life is a mess and they can't color-code and label everything quickly.


Growth. Libras need a risk taker. to learn, develop skills, explore, and always reach their full potential. They see life as choices because they represent scales and balance.


Effort. Scorpios can't commit to a lazy partner or be taken for granted. Even after retirement, they expect s*x. Togetherness matters.


Enthusiasm. The sign known for needing too much adventure just wants to see their partner's eyes light up. Traveling is one of their favourite ways to awaken that inner child's awe.


Partnership. Capricorns need help folding laundry. Someone to make a monthly budget with and follow until you can afford the splurge item you saved for together.


Kindness. Aquariuses prefer positive people. Who thinks positively? No matter how bad things get, who still believes in humanity?


Stimulation. Pisces need someone who will follow them down many rabbit holes daily. They can't think this deeply with a partner who never goes deep.

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