You learned that paying attention to your surroundings really does have its perks.


2023 was a big year for body positivity and you were greatly influenced by this and you learned how to love yourself again.


The last 2 months were highly significant for you and you learned how to connect with your emotions.


The last 2 months were full of changes and adjustments that you had to accept whether you liked them or not but you learned to trust the power of the universe.


Far too often you made the mistake of being a show off as a result, you pushed the right people away and let the wrong ones stay but you learned the true value of humility.


The last 2 months were you finally let loose and showed that you are ready to live out loud but you learned how to step out of your comfort zone.


You’ve been through such a turmoil this past month but you learned that sometimes it’s the journey that matters, not the destination.


This past month you were your own hero and you guided your own path out of the darkness and you learned how to depend on yourself.


Your vast imagination and your restless nature have taken you to many exotic places all over the world but you learned how to be content with the simple life.


You have an abundance of dreams and goals you’ve set for yourself but you learned that patience truly is key.


This past month, you’ve made new connections and communicated so well that you saw who you really are and you learned how to be proud of your authentic self.


In the past, you felt like you needed to make excuses if you wished to take care of yourself but you learned how to put yourself first.


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