Aries are definitely a passionate and intense side to be around  they thoroughly enjoy living life and they want others to come along for the ride with them.


Taurus people are known to dive deep into the beginning of relationships  they want to learn everything about you.


Gemini people are known everywhere, they have difficulty expressing their thoughts and feelings or making decisions in their lives because they are afraid of missing out.


Cancerians are known to really love and with such a big heart and sensitive sense of humor, it's really not that surprising, they usually fall in love too hard and too soon.


Leos are confident and excitable, they have big hearts and tend to try and paint their lives as incredibly interesting to anyone willing to listen. 


Virgo people are definitely a cautious type and are also critical towards their life, they have a high set of expectations that they want to fulfill.


Libras are full of empathy and desire harmony in all their relationships, they want the environment around their relationships to be peaceful and relaxing.


Scorpios are mysterious and passionate and one of the most sought after signs in the realm of the zodiac, it's the way they present themselves, the way they talk, the way they move .


Sagittarians don't like to be tied down or held back, they like to have a good time and want their partner to enjoy it too.


Capricorns are incredibly hard workers who value success in all aspects of their lives and when they fall in love with someone, their loyalty and protection knows no bounds.


Aquarians value learning and growing in their lives and always challenge themselves to become better and more aware of themselves as well as the world around them.


Pisces truly just want to find the person to spend their life with, even if they try to say otherwise.


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