Attempting control.
Aries can't be told what to wear, talk to, or say. They need autonomy. They'll leave if you take that.


Betraying them.
No one cares if you slept with, kissed, or sent risqué texts to someone else. Tauruses will not tolerate physical or emotional infidelity.


Dissing them.
When with friends, don't joke about their cooking or bed skills. If a Gemini finds out, they will never forgive you for making them your punchline. It disrespects.


assaulting them.
Cancers can tolerate a lot, but if you hit them or force them to have s*x when they're not in the mood, they won't believe your excuses. Finally, they'll leave.


deceiving them.
It doesn't matter if you lie about your income, how your last breakup ended, or how you never speak to your exes. Leos will never trust you again if you lie.


Broken promises.
Virgos want honesty. who delivers. They won't look back if you're all talk and always disappoint.


Acting out.
Libras find drama unromantic. They don't want daily fights. They don't want to cry in bed after a fun date. If you argue about everything, they will find you toxic.


deciding for them.
Scorpio. They will feel suffocated if you make them wear this suit to a family dinner on Friday and stop eating junk food. Desire autonomy.


distrusting them.
They know everyone has issues and baggage. If you keep accusing them of cheating and acting like the bad guy, they will leave.


Not working.
Not money. It's passionlessness. Capricorns don't like people who aren't working or looking for work. They want someone with life goals.


Considering it.
They won't mind moving slowly, but if you're still in love with an ex or want to see how things go with another girl, they'll let you have her. They want to be first.


Seeing others flirting.
Your relationship will end if you compliment the waitress or touch female friends too much. Pisces want exclusivity. Even harmless flirting feels like betrayal.

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