Though difficult, Aries, patience will improve your marriage more than you think. Your partner and you are your focus now. Patience reduces impulse and anger, which is good for marriage.


Taurus, avoid ruts. Maintain your romance by dating. Give them random gifts, a bouquet, or dinner every other week. Remember that you need each other to meet your needs.


Your trip is more interesting than you think. Though you may feel bound, your freedom and identity are about to improve. Your problems will force you to brainstorm solutions.


Cancer, keep your identity. Even though this next step is easy, take care of yourself. These next few years will be so busy that you may lose sight of who you are.


As you move forward, Leo, remember that it's not always about you. We know you're a strong, independent woman with a lot of love to give, but don't let it turn into control.


No marriage is perfect. You can try everything, but life's inevitabilities will happen. Try to improve your listening skills these next few years may be too much for one person.


Libra, remember your magic. Remember your best qualities. After the honeymoon, the reality of marriage will hit you. There will be many things to prioritize, but never forget yourself.


Other people will love your future spouse and kids like you do. It's okay if they spend more time with you some days.


 You love your future family, but it's healthy for them to spend time with their friends too.


You love your job, but we know you love your loved ones more. Don't neglect your loved one just because married life is busy. To avoid feeling lonely, spend quality time with your partner.


Aquarius, adapt. You'll need it. We know you're rebellious and proud of your opinions, but sometimes especially in marriage you have to learn to bend and grow.


Pisces, enjoy the present. Not every day is good, but every day has something good. Staying together through tough times strengthens any marriage.