Fast-attaching Aries. He imagines forever with you. Aries will suffer for weeks if the relationship ends unexpectedly. He swears he will never find anyone else.


Taurus cares about appearance and things. Because he wants stability, he obsesses over the relationship's paper version. Taurus is a disaster without steadiness.


Gemini fears commitment. He's playful yet recognises relationships require sacrifice. He would stay in the honeymoon phase of your relationship forever, making no crucial decisions.


He prefers familiarity and comfort. He can start a new relationship, but when it gets serious, he may freeze or flee away.


Leo prioritises love relationships. He's worried you won't. You don't prioritise the connection, which bothers him. This hurts his ego. He may avoid the relationship until he's convinced you'll stay.


Virgo notices everything. He will worry about this—his primary fear is a poor connection. He wants a love others envy and want. Otherwise, it's hazardous.


Libra fears dating the wrong person and avoids commitment. He avoids commitment until he's sure, but this often turns people off, especially if they're bored.


Scorpio doesn't show emotion because he wants to be the traditional male. He will casually drop it into a discussion, leaving you to question if he truly said it.


In a relationship with him, you must let him to be himself and do what he wants. If Sagittarius feels stuck, he'll flee.


Not showing care is Capricorn's worst relationship dread. Despite this, he's insecure. Affirmation was his love language.


Aquarius is insecure. He worries you could do better. Keep him around by telling him you adore being with him. Boost his ego.


Pisces worry about rejection. By hiding, he avoids this. Pisces prefers one-on-one interactions to approaching groups of women on a night out. 

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