Your Aries man will be mentally prepared to propose. Expect a joyous, overt metamorphosis, but don't be surprised if your Aries man flirts with other women. He loves you but needs freedom.


It really is that simple when your Taurus man proposes marriage.He's very clear that he wants you, and he's counting on a I will from you.


If you can marry Gemini, you'll see that by the time he says yes, he's hooked. Gemini is sluggish to mature, yet he loves you.He suddenly cares about everything you like because he likes it too.


Something about Cancer guys makes them hungry for love even as they're giving it. He really believes in what he's saying, and he says it with all his heart.


Leo's genuine. They demand you. They're not caveman, but they're close.Leo is a great spouse, although they can be possessive. They want to make you happy, laugh, and feel safe.


Virgo men will test you before marrying you. This person's certainty drives you crazy. Whenever he decides to marry you, he'll show you your best moments, but until then, you're on display.


Libra man adores you. He'll remain faithful, yet he may delay marriage to avoid blunders. Libra prefers long relationships, but he'll prove his loyalty.


If he's into you, Scorpio men will consider marriage. This wanderer is difficult to marry, but once he commits, he's unstoppable.


Sagittarius value marriage. It won't be about signs it'll be about shutting him up. Freedom rider Sagittarius settles. If you're his bride, you'll only hear him excited.


He was terrified to marry. He seeks order and family but fails. Capricorn may attack desperately to marry you. He wants you and is impatient.


Aquarius men adore promises. The signs include this. He's serious. He enjoys anticipating the grandiose wedding or rebellious elopement. If you're his dream girl, he won't let you go.


Pisces loves flowers, candy, and gifts. He loves and appreciates you. He'll quickly propose marriage. His sign is speed.

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