Aries Andy. The Nard Dog likes to lead. He's hotheaded. Remember when Jim put his phone in the ceiling and Andy punched a wall in anger? Yeah.


Taurus Angela is stubborn. She is also loyal. All those years loving Dwight? Her dedication.


Jan is a Gemini—wishy-washy! She alternates between loving Michael and hating him. She enjoys dinner parties like all Geminis.


Cancer Pam. She excels at caring for others and putting them first (cough, Roy). She sympathizes with Michael. She wants Jim to love her back.


Who likes the spotlight? Kelly, yes! She loves drama. She wants everyone—especially Ryan—to love her. She's strong, loyal, and compassionate!


Oscar thinks he's smarter. Practical perfectionist. The rough exterior hides a sensitive person. He couldn't handle his crush on Angela's husband, the Senator!


Stanley loves peace and relaxation. He works at Dunder Mifflin so he can retire and drink wine in the bath or nap on the beach.


Scorpio Ryan. He's crafty. Remember his excuses to Jim for not having lunch with Michael and Andy? “Be smart. Halpert—wake up!


Meredith parties. She wants fun, adventure, and new friends. She likes spontaneity and adventure. She makes any party exciting! A Sagittarius!


Capricorn Dwight is smart, hardworking, and dedicated. He would only be in a relationship if it benefited him (like his contract with Angela).


Aquarian Jim. He's smart, creative, and always up to mischief with Dwight. He is loyal in relationships. He loved Pam for years!


Michael pleases others. He enjoys helping others and making friends. He's also emotionally aware. He mourned Angela's cat Sprinkles. Michael is the most caring.

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