Aries wants to push your limits. They want to know how to beat you. It's a preemptive defense. The best response is to raise your hands. Your vulnerability will surprise them.


Taurus tests. Proving you're well-read, well-dressed, and can make a dinner reservation may seem pretentious. They want someone active. They want a classicist with personal tastes.


Geminis play mind games. They'll keep things light and playful because they know adult life's pressures. Build trust to reach their sensitive side.


Cancers doubt themselves insurmountably. Life doesn't indicate. Their promising situations failed. They can't trust you because they're preoccupied with why things didn't work out.


Leos obsess over making you like them because they know people want what they can't. Stop and hook. Your suffering—especially over them—pleases them. You're focused. How devoted. Pay attention.


Virgos puzzle. They don't know why. They secretly hope you'll stay. Before you leave unexpectedly, they're offering an out.


Libras like conflict. Makeup s*x requires fighting, right? It also shows you're not a fraud. They may fight. to try. for commitment. They'll love you.


Beware of Scorpio mind games. Big league play is tough. They send cryptic texts in their sleep as foreplay. Ron Weasley-like. Their ego demands sacrifice. Worthwhile.


Mean Girls' Ms. Norbury called Sagittarius mind games "pushers." Belittled love. Belittle them. They notice your unusual speech and gait. Until their teddy bear is noticed, they'll act smart.


Capricorns test patience. When will they stop lying? Sauna staredown. Sit and sweat. for loyalty. You can handle pressure. That they'll make you suffer.


Aquarius will raise a contentious issue to gauge your response. Though unfair, they want to understand your perspective without pressure. Honesty wins. Don't pretend to know. They want confidence.


Pisces want telepathy. They'll leave breadcrumbs. They'll allow multiple guesses and tell you when you're getting hotter or colder, but you'll have to prove your intuition. Read the room.

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