While you can handle challenges, it will be exhausting. Keep calm. Spend time alone or make therapist appointments. If necessary, drop toxic people.


During these transits, your time, energy, and company may be more selective. You don't have to accept friendships that don't fit you. Let go.


You're gaining authority and glowing right now. Step into that light and be confident in your leadership or independent decisions. Don't settle.


You hate letting go, but you have to. Self-respect and release. Keep the wrong people and things away from your nostalgia.


You need to confront your closet skeletons. Face your comfort zones. Set boundaries and be honest with yourself and others about your desires.


Discover your career and relationship goals now. Stop settling for less. Request more. Let no one tell you your needs are too much.


Organize now. After the "adult" tasks are done, you can focus on yourself. Treat yourself. Remember to pamper your mind, body, and spirit.


How am I communicating? Focus on your passions now. Whatever it takes, overcome imposter syndrome and express yourself creatively. Do it.


It's time to get back to your roots. Focus your efforts on creating the life you envision for yourself. That's true not just of a physical dwelling, but also of one's social and emotional networks.


You know what needs to be adjusted in your life, but you're not sure how. It's okay to be self-critical and self-conscious, but you have to get over it to express yourself. You'll be fine after that.


Personal, romantic, and financial changes may have occurred recently. Be honest about your time, money, and energy now. Push yourself to be your best.


You're finally revealing yourself. Remaking yourself can be overwhelming, so rest. You can't fully express yourself without it.

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