Serious matters erode trust. Fear of abandonment destroys relationships before they can. To avoid being left again, you'll ignore their texts, become nastier, and push them away. Want out.


Change erodes trust. Your partner's new coworkers may be prettier than you. You wonder if your partner works out to impress. Consistency makes you notice minor changes.


Meeting someone attractive causes trust issues. Your partner must notice others if you do, right? Looking at someone else makes you feel guilty about your relationship. Insecurities surface.


Fights cause distrust. When you fight, you question whether the relationship will last. You worry about being blindsided and heartbroken again. You wonder if you imagined your relationship was perfect.


Memories cause distrust. You've been hurt badly and worry it will happen again. It’s hard to not blame your current partner for your ex’s mistakes. So difficult.


Overanalyzing causes trust issues. If your partner works late, you'll suspect cheating. You'll wonder if they read a flirty text if they smile. You fantasize instead of asking questions.


Strangers and celebrities—especially those prettier than you—trigger your trust issues. They humiliate you. When you see them, you wonder why your partner chose you over so many other options.


Friends and family accidentally damage trust. unhealthy relationships. They deceive and fight. Your friends worry that your relationship will end, even if it's good.


When your relationship changes, trust issues arise. Since you're used to being single, moving in with, declaring, and marrying someone are big steps. Impressive feats. Milestones that might break your heart.


Self-doubt erodes trust. Mistakes at work or home cause a breakdown. Your partner could improve. You worry you'll ruin the relationship and lose them.


Wild imaginations cause trust issues. You're creative, so you can imagine your loving partner abandoning you or chopping you up. Your overactive imagination torments you.


Friends' unanticipated scenarios cause trust issues. If your partner has been busy, they may mention the possibility of cheating or catfishing. They'll suggest things you've never considered—and shouldn't.

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