Aries struggle. Peace and adventure. They want long-term relationships but not boredom. Insecurity makes them worry about best friend dumped.


Tauruses want stability and peace. Therefore, they fear inconsistency as much as snakes or spiders. Bulls have chest pain and emotional meltdowns when challenged comfort-wise.


Geminis speak. They fear being unable to speak. They worry they can't follow their passions and aren't as smart or talented as they think.


Cancers fear rejection. Cancers feel deeply and love a lot. They fear never finding someone who can handle all they have to offer and being rejected after putting their heart out there.


The Lion worries that the world won't value the Leo's fearless leader concept. Leos fear being ignored, and their insecurity can knock them down.


Chaos annoys Virgos. They're afraid. Order and punctuality are important to them. A Virgo is frightened by disorder.


Libras avoid conflict at all costs. They aim to please. Libras fear upsetting others. They hate upsetting people, and the thought of accidentally upsetting someone frightens them.


Scorpios fear disappointment and failure. They fear they won't meet their own expectations and dreams because they're insecure. Scorpios fear vulnerability and being vulnerable.


Sagittarians fear control due to their endless energy. They want freedom, adventure, and exploration. They fear mediocrity and a life without all those things.


Capricorns want everything. They're determined. They're afraid they won't measure up. They worry nobody achieves their life goals.


Aquariuses fear being alone. They fear losing loved ones and being cut off from important people.


Critique hurts creative, sensitive Pisces. They run from confrontation to avoid being exposed or hurt. They cannot handle judgment.

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