Aries, you think you should always be on top. Thus, you will dream of losing control or falling behind. This can be a loss or a win.


Tauruses are stubborn and always hurry. You may dream of sleeping too much and losing or making money.


Geminis like freedom. You may dream of being the center of attention at a party or feeling trapped or losing yourself.


Cancers surprise, whether they're ready. You probably want love and happiness. Nightmares ruin family time. You may dream of betrayal or death.


Leos want power. You want to compete and be royal, right? You want an idolized life. A bad day may dream of losing everything.


Virgos can be annoying but are disciplined. Virgos dream of losing their jobs, fulfilling their fantasies, or being misunderstood.


Libras fight for justice. You are always cold and moved. Dreams make you more open to others. You say and do things you would never do.


Scorpio frequently dreams of flying. You don't expect it from them, and they probably don't expect it from themselves either.


Sagittarius often dreams of being held back or pursued. Because he moves around, it really sticks in his mind.


Capricorn wants all kinds of pleasure. In their dreams, people born under this sign can express themselves. When their eyes are closed, they're braver.


As an Aquarius, you probably want to break out. You struggle with self-expression. Your mind exploits the fact that you can be anyone in your dreams.


Pisces is creative but may dream of being stuck. This person works harder than anyone else, but they sometimes feel stuck and dwell on it.

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