Passionate, driven, and impulsive. When you see someone you like, you jump in and ask questions later. You don't let the moment pass. You may be blunt, even if it hurts others.


You're steadfast, sentimental, and loyal. Taurus moons are powerful and elevated. You know what you want in relationships.


Inquisitive, talkative, and flexible. You and your partner should feel free to ask questions. You must communicate to succeed. You need to verbalise your emotions to process them.


You're gentle. Since Cancer rules the moon, you enjoy expressing your feelings. You're intuitive and know what you're feeling and what's going on with your loved ones.


You're brave, determined, and powerful. You let everyone know how you feel. You believe respect, support, and affection are equally important in relationships, and you'll show them to your partner.


You're cautious and loyal. You prefer to focus on others' struggles and guard your emotions. You think partners should be independent but willing to help out.


You are kind, idealistic, and can unite people. You want deep emotional connections with others. Due to your genuine interest in others, they feel comfortable opening up to you.


Intense, private, and intuitive. You're more reserved than most because the moon is in Scorpio's fall, but you're still emotional! You want serious relationships and fall in love completely.


You're adventurous, restless, and passionate. Even without trying, you're usually the party's life. Your loved ones love you for making them laugh or having fun.


Private, practical, and stoic. You're not a robot, but the moon's detriment in Capricorn makes it harder to express yourself. You don't need to show your love, so you're not mushy.


Logical, unique, and independent. Like Capricorn moons, you're not emotional. You care about others and want to help, but it has to be meaningful to you or it's pointless.


You're sensitive and romantic. You can empathise with others. You show your emotions, which is a strength.

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