Guys love winning. Aries excels, attracting men. Although you work hard for that promotion, men may try to attract you. Youngsters love games. If they catch your eye, they like you too.


Taurus is sensual. Guys like touch. You may not realise how often your soft touch attracts men since you're tactile. He secretly enjoys your kindness.


Geminis are caustic and quick-witted. Men secretly like your willingness to tease.You're fun and playful, which attracts guys. Your balanced flirt-to-roast ratio keeps guys guessing.


Cancer has river-like emotions. That's great. Men seek a tender heart. Men like your empathy. Your compassion and service are admired.


They appreciate your confidence and invincibility. Guys love endless chase. They secretly love this because it means the man you choose will have to earn your trust.


You don't need to prove your self-confidence. Men just want to help you enjoy life.Guys admire your shyness and ability to keep to yourself. Since you think and feel, men secretly like you.


Libras avoid drama. Men like your non-controversy! Men love drama-free women. Men like non-controversy. They can relax more with less stress. This subtly intrigues them.


Scorpios might attract men with Resting Bitch Faces. Scorpios hide their feelings. Scorpios' faces don't change. When they know you won't be needy, they like having you to themselves.


Fire signs love adventure. Secretive Sagittarius guys are adventurous. Your freedom attracts men. Guys like you because they can surprise you with something fun and repeatable.


Family-oriented Capricorns attract men. Because they know you'll only invite a special man to your family's Christmas dinner, they're excited to be involved.


Aquarius communicates well, enabling you flourish alone. Request and receive. When you're independent, guys want you more! Men like your freedom.


Pisces possesses emotional control. Guys love your maturity because they're over emotionally unstable women. Pisces can read people's emotions. Your emotional stability attracts men.

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