Aries, lead. You're in charge of group performance. You want failure. Though not life-threatening, you're counting the days, hours, and minutes until it's socially acceptable to leave your mess.


Taurus, you're financially responsible. Tracking income and expenses makes splurging difficult. You consider buying a designer watch, crystal vase, silk scarf, or art. You're allowed it. 


Gemini, rest. You can't handle crap. Powerful people deceived you. You're stuck because others' disorganization delayed the year's plan. It's rude. This is hopeless.


Cancer, developing. You're still adjusting. You want reliability. You miss automating email, date prep, and bedtime. Blisters and new shoes are how everything feels. Familiarity reduces fight or flight. 


Leo, you know enough people to run for local office but daydream about fictional friendships. Books and TV depict deeper relationships than yours. No wizards. Unhappy chameleon. Fit in.


You rock. It's smart. A power. Talking, consulting. A hit. Come home late, take off your pants, search the fridge, and release food. Waiting to share and be yourself.


Grabs Taurus. Even though you're well-read and current, you need an expert. People knock on your door for soundbites, opinion columns, record or movie contracts, etc. Expertise is desired. Contact people.


Scorpio, you're five moves ahead but won't rob a bank. Love freely. Holding back. Candor needs the right job, relationship, and conditions. Withholding may hinder your goals.


You're stuck, Sagittarius. Traveling is expensive. It "pays the bills," but it's boring. You envy friends who changed careers, but you don't want to restart or pay for more schooling. It'll do.


Detest Capricorn. However, they're harmless. coworker or neighbor. You're hateful. It's frustrating that they can hide these traits. You wait for them to mess up or others to find out.


Aquarius racehorse. You're ready. Expecting support. Data is coming. Resource management involves waiting, stacking the deck, or not trying. Preparation costs money and time.


Pisces, fret. Everyone cancels streaming early. TV revivals and promotions are on Reddit and Instagram. Pisces, the buzz and speculation may benefit the creators. Sad rumors. Superb qualities.

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