Aries, you won't always lead. You're responsible for team performance. You won't fail. You're counting the days, hours, and minutes until your mess is socially acceptable.


Taurus, nobody knows. $50 for Champagne. Tracking expenses makes splurging difficult. You contemplate buying the designer watch, crystal vase, silk scarf, or new art. It's forbidden. 


Gemini, rest. You can't handle crap. Powerful people deceived you. You're stuck because others' disorganization delayed the year's plan. It's rude. This is hopeless.


Cancer, developing. You're still adjusting. You want reliability. You miss automating email, date prep, and bedtime. Blisters and new shoes are how everything feels. Familiarity reduces fight or flight. 


Leo, run for local office but fantasize about imaginary friends. Books and TV show deeper relationships. No wizards or teens. Unfulfilled, you copy others. Find a compatible group.


Rock on! You're intelligent. A professional. Speaker and advisor. Yes, you. Liked by many. Like us, you come home late, take off your pants, search the fridge for food, and let it out.


Taurus grabs. Though well-read and current, you need an expert to support your ideas. In your fantasies, people knock on your door for soundbites, opinion columns, record or movie contracts, etc.


Scorpio, you want to travel without robbing a bank. You want self-expression and love. You fought. Job, relationship, and circumstances require candor. Reluctance may hurt your goals.


Trapped Sagittarius. Dream vacations cost. It "pays the bills," but your job may be boring. You admire career-changers.


Capricorn, hate. Unavoidable but harmless. Often-enemy coworker or neighbor. You're hostile. You hate that they can hide these traits and succeed.


Aquarius racehorse. Challenge the establishment. Support awaits. Planning requires data, but time is running out. Waiting, stacking the deck, or not trying if you'll lose is resourceful.


Sorry, Pisces. Early cancellations have burned streaming. You check Reddit and Instagram daily, hoping The OA is a TV publicity stunt or rare TV revival

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