Honest Aries men make good husbands. Honesty builds relationships. He's honest. Really honest. He'll never question his relationship goals. Before you ask, he'll tell you.


Taurean husbands are loyal. Lifelong teammate. He'll stick with your tough team. He won't falter. Taurus husbands hate disappointing family. He loves you truly.


Gemini husbands love. Not just hug and kiss affectionate—feel like Gisele Bundchen constantly affectionate. He's smitten. Nice supermodel wakeups. He'll clap.


Cancer men love. Sweeter than Hershey bars has benefits. He'll plan an anniversary.He'll always recall your good times. He'll apologize if he forgets. He's sentimental. 


Leo husbands are brave. Jon Snow is like him. Chivalry is his passion. Defends you. Your rock. His courage inspires you. He's firm. He'll stay if your relationship slows.


Virgo husbands are hardworking. He succeeds by working. His tenacity inspires. Virgos never suffer. His tenacity will erase doubts. He fixes everything.


Libran husbands are diplomatic. Libra men never kill. He's fair. He never stays angry. He's tactful. Libras know honey beats vinegar. Peace will ensue. He's nice and mother-approved.


Scorpios marry well. He'll boost romance. Love energizes. He'll spice up your relationship. Daily romance.  Scorpio men would back you if you want romance but a man to yourself.


Sagittarius husbands are hopeful. He'll find the good. He inspires trust. He inspires. Daily optimism. During storms, he glows. He inspires. Sagittarius men will find time for you.


Family-oriented Capricorns make good spouses. He values family. He treasures relationships. He'll always strengthen your relationship. He's family-oriented.


Aquarian husbands are patient. He never gets angry. Saintly patience. Always tranquil. He's crisis-ready. He won't yell. He assists fairly. Never snaps. He's loyal. Love him forever.


Selfless Pisces Men make good husbands. He aids always. He readily helps. He'll get tampons and ice cream. He's selfless. He's enraptured.

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