District 2. Aries is known for weapons and masonry. You're strong and aggressive. Cato is from your district—enough said.


District 10. Taureans from District 10 are smart, stubborn, and grounded. They prefer to work alone, but they get things done.


District 6. This district's transportation is mutable, like Gemini. The "Morphlings" tributes also resemble Greek mythological twins Castor and Pollux, who traveled between heaven and hell.


District 11. This district's agriculture relies on water. Rue and Katniss connected because Cancers are caring.


Dist 1. Glimmer and Cashmere live in this wealthy neighborhood known for luxury goods like jewelry. At your best, you are confident, brave, and kinda lovable.


Distric 9. The Virgo symbol is a maiden holding a wheat shaft, fitting for this grain-producing district. Virgos are realistic perfectionists. Disciplined and wanting to be useful.


Eighth district. This district manufactures textiles, and this air sign enjoys creativity (like creating outfits for the peacekeepers). Libras value justice and harmony, so they supported the rebellion.


District 5. Scorpios live in this power-generating district. When needed, they can be electric, intense, and fearless.


District 7. Lumber and paper, both flammable, come from this district! Independent, bold, and rebellious, this fire sign. “You burn with us.”


District 12. Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch live in this coal-mining district. Capricorns are strong, intelligent, determined, and hardworking.


District 3. Like Beetee and Wiress, Aquarians are independent, rebellious thinkers. They're in the tech district because they're smart.


District 4 is famous for fishing, and Pisces is symbolized by two fish. Like Mags and Finnick, this water sign puts others first.

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