The Sun

The sun greatly affects Leos. Business success begins with the number one. Leos consider #1 "a pole of attraction for success."Leos should watch 2. It always hinders their growth.

The Moon 

Number 2 gives Cancer love and security, which is never enough. 22, 222, 2222—luck and peace. Cancer should avoid 1, 10, 100, 1000!Combining 2 with 7 (27, 272.7272) eliminates 1.


Arise and Scorpio
Scorpios and Aries love three. To succeed and attract wealth, surround yourself with the number 3 in your phone number, address, etc.Triangle talismans or jewels can invoke number 3.


Gemini and Virgo
This energy is knowledge, science, commerce, and deep thought. Virgo likes Gemini. Entrepreneurs, journalists, translators, writers, editors, and information workers double its power. Need square stars.


Energizes Sagittarius. Especially if his job requires constant communication. Sagittarians may be lucky. Any number—even 5—can win. Like 12345. Need five-star jewelry.


Libra and Taurus
Six harmonizes Libra and Taurus. Numbers bring luck and satisfaction. 6 aids love. 06/06 appeals. Relationships—add 4 (64or 46). 9. Improve creativity and success.


Seven is lucky, but Capricorn gets it daily. Saturn brings obstacles. This zodiac sign handles all issues. It's mysterious—number 7 helps them "hear" their guardian angels.


Aquarius loves eight. Double 8 uses invisibility. 8 gifted, original, high-achievers are misunderstood. 8 is infinity, making Aquarius creative and energetic. This sign is lucky with spiral jewelry.


Nine completes. Adulthood. Pisces should avoid sharp jewelry. It's circled. Number 9 with 2 boosts intuition (92 or 29) and aids tough decisions. 6, 96, or 69 love it.

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