Aries is intrigued and has their own murder case time slot. They've set aside all their books, optimized their podcasts, and know they'll need time to reflect afterward. 

Aries has always been a murderer and private investigator. They enjoy the gore and details. People weirdly admire murderers who get away with it.


Leo enjoys murder and fame. Murderers attract attention. Leos appreciate being famous. Leo will win. The top murderer is the top fan.

They enjoy bloodshed and chaos because they are the ones in control. They are always serious about it, not simply interested. All-or-nothing.


Detail-oriented Capricorns kill best. They're the hardest workers, but they also enjoy watching murder cases or murderers on trial in their free time.

It's about the entire process. Capricorn loves murder, especially if the perpetrator escapes. Serial killers need discipline and adore labor. Capricorn wants discipline and hardness.


Virgos enjoy both fake and real crime shows. To them, nothing beats a good true crime story. Virgo needs a metal challenge and a level look to calm their nerves. 

Virgos enjoy reading about murders. They enjoy introspection and morbid photos. All of them imagine themselves to be private detectives.


Libra can produce an excellent serial killer dissertation. Murder victims and dates are known to them. Libra, the collector, also buys murder weapons. Libra pays a lot for guns, torture, and users.


Gemini fear murder due of note-taking. Murderers are Geminis. Mental health concerns arise when a quiet Gemini meticulously investigates a murder scene. 

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