Librans have a tendency to intervene in conflict situations in an effort to facilitate communication and a peaceful resolution. Libra is an air sign associated with diplomacy and justice.

They're willing to hear all sides and try to reach a truce. Sometimes this succeeds, but sometimes Libra becomes the bully's next victim.


Cancer can be angry and passive-aggressive, but they won't attack lesser people. Cancer, the sign of mothers and family, strives to help others.

Cancers are shy and reclusive, so unless the situation concerns someone close to them, they're unlikely to become involved.


Capricorns bully themselves rather than others. They have high standards and specific goals, and they'll self-sabotage for days if they don't meet them.

Capricorn bullies because someone has violated a promise, failed to do anything significant, or generally disappointed them.


Leos love attention, but they also want everyone around them to enjoy themselves. Leo is more inclined to protect the victim than the villain.

Sadly, Leo may seek attention in the wrong ways. Leo can be a jerk on bad days due to their pride and competitiveness.


Because of their audience dependence, Geminis bully. Geminis get along with everyone. The Gemini may comfort the victim and companions after the bullies leave.


While most Sagittarians are amiable and easy to get along with, they also have the potential to be tactless, brash, and unyielding when it comes to their own opinions.

Even if a Sagittarius bully doesn't physically attack you, they'll still go out of their way to make fun of your ideas and make you appear foolish in front of others.

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