Scorpios love deeply. Scorpios are more likely to stalk when infatuated.They guard the people they love. They will sacrifice everything for their loved one.

Passion can cloud their thinking, letting them attack. Maybe intense. They merely want to show their affection for the person they adore.


Taurus are adamant and unmovable. When they want someone, they want them. They won't give up until they've exhausted all options. This may seem stalkerish.

Taurus just thinks about what they want. When they have the person they want, Taurus backs off and isn't controlling. Yet, stalker-like steps lead there.


Cancers are deeply emotional. Even if the other person doesn't, they feel these relationships powerfully. They become crazy and stalker-like.

Relationships are their priority. Prioritize them. This can make them stalkers. Because they're continually thinking about those people.


Pisces stalk enthralled. They live artfully. Everyone loves beauty. Because they're so enamored, they'll obsess. They're unaware stalkers. Great art fascinates Pisces.


Passionate Aries are direct. Because to their boldness, this might seem stalkerish. They think honesty is better. They won't hide their obsession with you. 

This seems clingy given their passion and energy. Aries are leaders but not control freaks. They admire, not force, movement.


Libras are romantic. This can become stalker-like due to the need to never feel alone. They seek company most of the time. Your firm will be requested again if they like it.

hey consider their loved ones lifelong friends. They want to bond without being possessive. Libras only want close friends to spend the day with.

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