Fire signs never doubt their understanding in life. Because its fiery comrades support and care for it. Leo and Sagittarius naturally get Aries.


Capricorn and Virgo understand this earth sign best. Both want stability, so this fixed sign can talk about money and career with them. They understand Taurus' work ethic and life goals.


Geminis are rare. This mutable sign gets along best with Libras and Aquarians. Instinctively, these three can follow every conversation topic. Leos understand this fast thinking sign.


Cancer can always lean on other water signs. Pisces and Scorpio understand the crab because they share its values. Astrology says these three have a telepathic emotional bond. 


Aries and Sagittarius always support Leo. These two know lions best. They comprehend its desires and why this fixed sign has such a grand vision for their life.


Capricorns and Taurus are the best matches for Virgos. These two understand the earth sign's need for order. They understand its perfectionist nature and can teach them how to use it productively.


Aquarius and Gemini always understand Libras. Libra's chattiness and justice seeking are shared by these two. Three share values. Aquarius and Gemini understand why Libra prefers company. 


Pisces and Cancer understand Scorpios best. They deeply understand Scorpions. They understand their intensity and when the sign needs time alone. Water signs also love Virgos.


Fire signs benefit from Aries and Leos. They crave adventure and hate routine. These three get each other's humor and become fast friends. Sagittarius always laughs with them.


Taurus and Virgo support Capricorn best. These two understand earth signs' work ethic. They are the zodiac's hardest workers, best teammates, and biggest cheerleaders.


Geminis and Libras understand Aquarius' individuality better than anyone else. These two support our fellow air sign's lifestyle. 


Cancer and Scorpio are usually Pisces friends. These two can discuss the sign's feelings. These two love the fish the most because they instinctively know when something is wrong.

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