You're nervous about committing to someone you care about this much. You worry that your heart will be broken.


You don't want to do anything to harm the friendship. You're worried that the two of you won't be able to work things out and that your relationship will end.


You worry that they don't share your feelings. You worry that your interpretation of their signals has been off.


It's scary how well the two of you complement each other as friends. You worry that it wouldn't feel right to kiss them.


You worry that your emotions will overwhelm theirs. You worry that they will agree to a date with you just to avoid upsetting you.


You're too nervous to take a chance and ask them out on a date. You're worried that the date won't be as successful as the ones you've had in your head.


You worry that they will treat you like a sibling. You worry that they have no plans to take things with you to the next level.


You worry that you're developing unhealthy feelings for them. You worry that you would be unable to cope with their loss.


You worry that they haven't moved on from their previous relationship. You're worried about being judged unfairly.


You worry that you will accidentally hurt them. You worry that by telling the truth, you will hurt them deeply.


You worry that you're mistaking platonic affection for romantic attraction. You worry that hanging out with them is a bad move.


You're worried they already know too much about you to accept you. You can't hide your faults and bad habits from them.

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