Listening well makes you trustworthy. You care about others. You ask great questions and focus on the other person. You make people feel heard, which matters.


Your advice makes people trust you. You offer advice on any problem. You have great intuition and this translates to others’ situations as well. Because you always lead, people trust you.


Emotional validation builds trust. You're kind and listen. You recognize everyone's feelings. Since you don't act, people feel safe around you. Self-expression.


You're nonjudgmental, so people trust you. Everyone has insecurities and isn't perfect. You are trusted because people know they can tell you anything. Instead, you'd comprehend.


You're safe because you're merrier. You'll try anything. You'll do anything to make sure everyone's having fun.


Positive energy makes you trustworthy. You shine. You always look for the positive. If there's nothing good, don't let it ruin your mood. Accept everything and move on.


Kindness reassures others. You love helping others because you believe we're all in this together. You do. You remember birthdays, bring chicken noodle soup to sick friends, and answer 2 AM calls.


Fun to talk to, you make people feel safe. You've mastered conversation. You're witty and can keep a conversation going without staleness. Your superpower is interest.


You always help, so people trust you. People call you to clean their rooms, budget, and go to the grocery store. People know they can trust you. You never disappoint your loved ones.


You calmly reassure people. You're impartial. The Calm app is you. You can calm someone in a spiral. Your calmness reassures others.


Loyalty builds trust. You never betray trust. You value honesty and loyalty in relationships. You help your family. You're always there, making people feel safe.


Uniqueness builds trust. You engage someone. That's real. You're together. You focus on others. This gift. Very important.


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