The woman he's with is gorgeous

Men seek attractive partners and wives. Beautiful spouses increase his ego.Her attractiveness affirms him.

Even if he lacks confidence, a beautiful spouse will boost it.Beauty oversatisfaction. If she's out of his league, he'll struggle for confidence.

He has tender feelings for the pair

Relationships may move guys. If a man has been with someone for a long period or shared personal moments with her, he will be loyal to the relationship

He'll keep seeing the relationship as it was years or months ago. He'll recollect.He is upset because he cannot forget the woman he was with.

Physicality is too good

Men may stay in poor relationships for sex without question.Good sex keeps him in disastrous relationships. That'll worry him as much as the girl.

He sees no way out of the situation

Humans are driven by apprehension. It also motivates relationships.If it's his only option, a man will stay in an unsatisfactory relationship.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but if he thinks he can't get another woman, he'll keep returning to a horrible relationship out of loneliness and desperation.

He thinks he can't live without her

Men who adore women can become possessive.He may not care whether the relationship is miserable because seeing her with someone else will make him sadder.

He is still hopeful for his future with her

Men know from experience that no relationship is ideal.Someone will annoy someone. Commitment brings frustrations, but giving up isn't the solution.

He recognizes that until he improves himself and correctly handles the relationship, he would merely make the same mistakes with the next woman

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