You can't get hooked just by going out to eat and drinking together. Given your exuberant nature, you need more than just "going through the motions" on a date to find true love.


Having dinner and drinks together isn't enough to hook you. Given your propensity for excitement and vitality, you require more than just "going through the motions" on a date to fall in love.


Because your outgoing nature can make anyone feel like the center of attention, but only a select few can see the other, less extroverted side of you.


If someone is playing games or pretending to be someone else, they won't be able to make it work with you because your intuition is so strong and you can filter through bullshit in under a second.


Because you set high standards for how others should treat you and aren't afraid to be alone if they don't measure up.


You are not easily impressed, and anyone who thinks they can win you over with a half-hearted effort or a lackluster dedication is living in a fantasy world.


Since you have many potential partners to choose from and strong bonds with many people, you aren't likely to settle down with just anyone.


Because you are confident enough in yourself to pursue your goals and reject distractions when necessary.


For the simple reason that you are honest and will tell it like it is, even if it makes some people uncomfortable.


Because your rationality and common sense are so strong that you can force yourself to walk away from someone you care about if they don't treat you well or don't meet you halfway.


Since you tend to be guarded and reserved in your interpersonal interactions, it takes a very special person to make you feel comfortable enough to let your guard down and let them in.


To let your guard down and open up requires more effort after experiencing hurt. You have this problem because you are overconfident in people and let your experiences cloud your judgment.

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