Your determination may backfire this Aries season. It's okay to quit if you're overwhelmed or your dreams have changed.


Avoid losing your cool this Aries season. Valid feelings. Feel and say them. However, your anger does not give you the right to attack others.


Aries season makes you impatient. Because you're impatient, you'll rush decisions. Never waste time. Sometimes the fastest way is wrong.


Inconsistency may turn people off this Aries season. Your spontaneity can be fun but frustrating for those who depend on you. Remember that impulsivity and responsibility have their places.


Aries season can exhaust you if you're not careful. It's great that you're so passionate, but don't neglect self-care while pursuing your goals.


This Aries season, your energy will fade. Using that energy is great, but don't overdo it. Don't work 24/7. 


Aries season can push independence too far. You shouldn't push others away to prove your self sufficiency. Lean on others.


Aries season is a fine line between brave and reckless. Avoid risky behaviour to prove yourself. Avoid doing wrong to impress others. You're brave.


Aries season makes you impulsive. Because you're so emotional, you'll struggle to control yourself. If you speak without thinking, you may regret it.


Aries season will reveal your stubbornness. Since you're sure you're right, you'll think your way is best. You won't compromise or change your mind because you're strong.


Aries season will cause filter issues. You'll say whatever comes to mind without considering how it will sound. Your honesty is refreshing, but watch your language.


Aries season will make you restless. Get out and have wild adventures. Don't let your desire for adventure get you into trouble.

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