Aries feel vulnerable and hide their emotions. Their exterior conveys power, action, and offense. They'll hide their hurts behind a confidence only a few can see. Just reassurance.


Taurus will argue with you long after the initial argument. They'll hide their remorse to save face or prove a point. Maybe they want to admire your work. If you comply, they'll stop.


Avoiding disappointment, Geminis hide their feelings. They overcommit due to difficulty saying no. Burnout and resentment cause issues. They're selfless. Ask, not assume.


Cancer has a past. Due to their hardships, they don't sweat the small stuff. They don't discuss it because they don't want to relive it. They want progress, not history.


Leo hides feelings to be liked. You can't say who annoys you in a large social circle. They prefer friends over enemies. They want genuine connections.


Virgos fear love requests. Asking for help freezes them. They self-sabotage their independence but want a hug.


Libra hides their adrenaline junkie. They eat, sleep, and have a routine that feeds their mind, body, and soul, but they're bored. They're afraid of themselves. Fun planning must be taught.


Scorpios hide their true feelings because their principles are illogical. They'll prioritize that obligation over you and hide their feelings to avoid hurting you. Honesty is respect.


Sagittarius hides helplessness. Rather laugh at the unfixable. Unhealthy. Sadness aids recovery. Tell them they're wrong.


Capricorns put work before emotions. "Tough beans buddy" and persevere despite exhaustion, sadness, disappointment, or discouragement. Self-compassion challenges them. enjoy the journey.


Aquarius hides if others benefit. People-pleasing 101. They won't choose vacations or weddings. Promote balance. They can please everyone without martyrdom. Happiness won't hurt.


Pisces conceal "out there" things. An unpopular political view, an alien belief, or a five-year Hogwarts fan-fic. They believe society isn't ready for them. Just reassurance that uniqueness matters.

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