You may not blow up at every little thing, but your fiery temperament shows in other ways. Aries, recall a time you felt misunderstood.


Taureans enjoy fine food, drinks, art, and pampering. This list may make you think I don't need any of that to be happy.


Geminis are natural conversationalists who can handle multiple conversations in person and via text. Geminis don't always want to be around others.


Cancers are hypersensitive. This is often misinterpreted as crying loudly and often over insignificant events, which is true for some people (not just Cancers!).


Leos are said to do anything to get attention. While not all Leos want to be famous, they all want to be noticed. Leos hate being ignored by their loved ones.


Virgos are fussy. Virgos don't tear people apart for fun. They're most at ease when the world matches their reality.


Decisions, decisions. Libra, they say you can't make them, which annoys you. You probably thought, I can decide. You can.


Scorpio, you may not believe you are so private and secretive. You've been honest in many relationships, including platonic ones.


Sagittarius often exhibits freedom and mutability. Sagittarius, you may think stability is everything. A home where you can be yourself at night.


Astrology articles say Capricorns like power. Consider yourself a follower if you want to blend into your career or community.


Aquarians are serious problem-solvers and world-changers. An average Aquarius working a job they hate and making and consuming art may not fit this.


Dreamy. Not connected. Self-centered. These are Pisces' catchphrases. There are Pisceans who can focus and stay grounded to complete their daily tasks.

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