Stuck in a rut, they'll suffer. They need to rekindle their passion.
They may get a big job. If not, try an instrument or a local sports league.


After failing, they doubt "enough." Isolation and failure focus leads to complete disapproval.
They must reset their minds since they cannot change the past.


They're fragile. Stop wallowing in negativity. Refocusing on what makes them happy can restore their happy bubble.


They don't understand weakness. Use roller coasters instead of moping. Counting their blessings will make them happier. They should stay positive to minimize life's lows.


If they feel disconnected from this goal, misfortune will settle. They must carefully examine their passions. Focusing on these passions will reignite their life.


Happiness starts with letting go of these expectations and living in the moment. Success is great, but don't forget the joy of the journey and this perfectly imperfect life.


Inattention plagues Libras. They rarely finish. They'll regret not succeeding. Prioritize recent projects.Filling one or two makes them happier.


Scorpio needs acceptance despite his appearance. They experiment because "everyone else is doing it". This frequently leads to heartbreak. Defend themselves. Happiness attracts like-minded people.


Sagittarians have fun. Smile outside. Adulthood may limit their carefree lifestyle. Captives are unhappy. Responsible adventure is necessary. Their balance will inspire.


Capricorns are so focused on success, progress, and logic that they miss many happy moments. They're emotion-blind! Daily enjoyment boosts happiness.


Aquariuses try. They'll overreach. Unknown limits. They're overwhelmed. "No" to avoid disappointment. Limiting their workload increases success and reduces stress and happiness.


Their fantasy world exists. Middle Pisces. Unkindness ruins paradise. Our flawed world will break them. The grief is real despite mourning an image they created. Cry, accept, move on.

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