Because you wrongly value appearance, success, and relationships, you lack self-confidence. You don't matter until you achieve your goal.


Because you're gentler with others than yourself, you lack self-confidence. You would never judge others based on your self-criticism. You show them grace you deserve.


You lack self-confidence because you seek external validation. You're overvaluing others' opinions. Instead of being comfortable, you want to impress and look good.


You lack self-confidence because you depend on one person for beauty. You should date someone who encourages and compliments you, but not constantly. No final say.


Because you internalise the negative comments and ignore the compliments, you lack self-confidence. You trust negatives but doubt positives. You have trouble trusting compliments.


Due to bad company, you lack self-confidence. People who tore you apart instead of lifting you. People who have criticised and downplayed you. People you never deserved.


Due to bad company, you lack self-confidence. Instead of helping, they tore you apart. Your detractors. Never deserved you.


Comparisons make you insecure. While judging yourself, you are kind to others. You think everyone is better than you, but you're just beautiful in different ways.


You're self-critical and lack confidence. Never enough. Despite praise, you think you could have done better. You're berating yourself for not achieving your goals.


You lack self-confidence because everyone else does. You've been taught to self-criticize, mock your "flaws," and wish you were different. Self-love wasn't taught to you. Respect yourself.


Because you're sensitive, you have low self-esteem. A funny look or backhanded compliment can instantly change how you feel about yourself. Your mood is too influenced by others.


You're insecure because you're young. Never content. You don't compliment yourself because you won't settle. However, like yourself. Pain hurts.

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