You feel ugly in photos because Instagram girls have more likes. Work success distracts you from wealthier friends. Comparisons depress you.


Even though it would improve your self-esteem, you fear change. New hair. A tattoo. A hole. Because you're bored of your reflection, you feel bad about yourself. Change up.


You doubt your direction. Choosing the right career. If you're doing what's best for you. You doubt your decisions, which has lowered your self-esteem.


Relationships consume you. Life is over when you're single or fighting. Like everyone hates you. You forget life's more than love.


You're too materialistic. You want big paychecks, a nice car, and a big house. At such a young age, that's difficult. You're overworking. You're fine.


You overthink. You wonder if non-friends hate you when you talk to them. If their words contained a secret message. You overanalyze their words and actions and create drama.


Problems consume you. You seem to like misery. Playing victim. Don't wallow in self-pity. Reopening old wounds will make you bleed more, so move on.


You're around toxic people. Because they mistreat you, your self-esteem is low. They make you doubt your greatness. They cause unhealthy self-perception.


Because the person you want attention from hasn't, you feel bad. Stop valuing their opinion. Realize that dozens care about you. Everyone values you, even if one doesn't.


You had low self-esteem in elementary school because you were the smartest. Smart and successful in school. Adults feel like failures. You're stupid. Self-criticism is excessive. Capricorn, relax.


You're dramatic. Public embarrassment makes you think the world is ending. You'll never recover. However, minor mistakes shouldn't cause self-hatred. Self-love despite mistakes.


Friends define you. Since you're older, you see friends less. Some are gone. That doesn't mean you should hate yourself or them. Just busy.

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