Everyone's good to you. In love, you rationalize negative traits as "not that bad." Your feelings make it hard to see people as they are, not that you're picking the wrong people. Maintaining clarity is hard. 


You’re rash. You're happiest when life makes sense in your mind. You may get into a relationship and become too attached to the image of a "perfect life" even though you're not sure about your partner.


It's too much. You're influenced by others' virtues. You're not blinded by love—you just want to jump in without thinking (because what's less romantic than that?). You're great with the right person. Love and loyalty are yours. 


You're romantic. You're cancer. You fall hard and live your fairytale, sometimes only in your head. Inspiring, validating, and fulfilling people are more likely to commit. When understood and settled, you think you've found your match.


You prefer ideas to people. Your ego likes how they look, treat you, and how others see you together, not your heart. Not love. Finding what you want requires vulnerability.


That's precise. It may seem like you can't fall in love, but it's more likely that you'll find one person you think is "totally perfect" and get upset when it doesn't work out. "Right" may be an enemy.


Fairytales are needed. Libras need company. Because they need balance and love, they thrive in partnerships. Introverted, independent Libras struggle. They want dependence but resist.


You're not falling in love—you're finding someone who will give you deep, dark satisfaction (validate that you're worthy, reaffirm that you've moved on from your ex) and blaming them when they don't.


It's surprising that you don't have good partner judgment since Sags are analytical and intelligent. But the "right thing for right now" gets you into trouble. Crushes may not last. Your sign also loses love foolishly.


You want a purpose. Capricorns admire "together" people. Not being in charge or managing everything calms them. You can't have an equal partnership if you're both using each other to meet needs.


Love is irrational. You're right, but chemistry isn't rational. It exists. Self-improvement won't help. Accept that your loved ones will make you feel something without explaining why.


You always swim. Switching lovers is ugly. You won't find love unless you're ready to commit. Forget about height, money, and parental approval. Only a partner who supports you without "evidence" will help you thrive.

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