Create now. You forcefully want love. Your passion is great, but overpressuring something delicate can explode. Force prevents choice. Love dies.


Unless you're dating a passive person, your rigidity may be too much. Lepers can't change, but they can let others talk. You'll repel romantic prospects if you don't.


Fun-loving, sociable, and light, you hide your vulnerability and true self. Real people are connected. Don't hide from your deeper feelings—they'll find you and isolate you.


Neediness grows. It annoys. Needing love and acceptance may make you appear desperate or lead to toxic, co-dependent relationships.  Love can't fix your past. 


You want to illuminate everyone. However, self-promotion repels others. No healthy relationship feeds your ego. Focus on ego control and authenticity. This makes you irresistible.


You overanalyze the present. You're cynical. Consider their impact. Being yourself is hard when judged. This makes the other person uncomfortable and kills any romance before it starts.


You'd rather contemplate love than experience it. It's real. Beautiful but hard, love. Love is beautiful when two people can overcome egos and past hurts. Avoid evasion. You'll always be alone.


You're suspicious. It may be your nature or past hurts. Controlling emotions protects you. This won't create a loving, honest relationship. Open up and trust if you want that.


Your wanderlust and adventurous spirit are captivating, but they can make it hard for people to get to know you. It may suit you. If you want a real, loving relationship, slow down and be yourself.


You relax when everything is perfect. When you succeed, you'll love. No way. You can't. You lack. You can't. Stop expecting love after X. Do it. You decide.


You're tough. You're attractive but unknown. You hide your emotions, making others less honest. Without that, nothing. Stop defending. You'll never see life's beauty and depth behind the plastic wall.


Your sensitive scars heal slowly. Myth: time heals. Don't wait to heal. Wounds may never heal. They can be part of your story without preventing you from meeting new people.

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