Your ego is both your best and worst asset as an Aries. You should stop striving for perfection and start enjoying the journey you're on.


Once comfortable, Tauruses resist change. Missing opportunities is your biggest regret. You want to succeed without fearing change.


Geminis will regret following the rules rather than their instincts. You forget that how your life feels matters more than how it looks.


Cancers regret not taking enough risks. You hide to protect your sensitive heart. This makes you a bystander who watches others live.


Leos most regret not giving people a chance. You quickly reject non-conformists. Once you decide, it's hard to change.


Your biggest regret as a Virgo is letting outside chaos disturb your mental clarity and peace. You get caught up in others' drama and nonsense.


When exhausted, Libras tend to avoid socializing. Your biggest regret is living aimlessly.


Scorpios can speak bluntly. Your loved ones are included. Your biggest regret is mistreating people who only want to help.


Sagittarius, your biggest regret is not being accountable. You like to enjoy life and put off important tasks.


Capricorns can be strict. You usually choose work over play. Your biggest regret is not having fun.


Aquariuses overanalyze everything. You obsess over what others think. Your biggest regret is not being yourself and doing what others want.


Pisces are sensitive, especially to ego-damaging criticism. Your biggest regret is living by others' words instead of your own.

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