You wouldn't risk changing someone. You ignore their flaws. While noble, it just means you need to open your eyes and realize your partner taste may be poor.


If someone looks like they want more from the relationship than you, you clam up so fast you deserve an Olympic gold medal. Rebelling against every restriction may leave you alone.


Your vivaciousness draws people. When you get angry, they lose interest. Keep your dark side in check to keep your adoring fans.


You're self-confident, so you don't mind being selective about who enters your exciting life. Great! Don't let your ego make you think every partner is "dating up."


You're adamant when you're right. Sometimes conceding and making your partner feel heard is better than "winning" the argument.


You're easily smitten by anyone who's kind. Romance is great, but it can lead to bad relationships with naive people. Don't forgive someone for giving you flowers.


People like you because you're mysterious. It also means you may be scaring away compatible partners—though you may just attribute that to your mystique.


You're a fun mix of egotism and altruism, which some find confusing. Finding people who are both independent and needy is difficult.


You calm your partner when they need to vent or release their daily drama. You tend to bottle up your problems and let them explode. Quietness often destroys relationships. Not cute.


You'll fall for a swooner. Conversely, if they stop praising you, you'll worry they don't like you. Insecurity makes you like people you don't like. Try harder.


You usually do. Your relationships keep ending because your partners feel more like your unexpected sidekick than equals. Stop assuming you know someone better than they do.


You wanted love and attention. You're easily bored and may not be monogamous. Your partners can handle it. Boredom probably surprises them.

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