You never betray your friends in good times and bad. You hate anyone who talks about your friends or tries to break up your relationship. 


If your friend calls at 3AM to say they have a flat tire in a bad neighborhood, you put on your slippers and go help them. 


You give your loved ones advice they need, not what they want. You never degrade them, even if you have to say something unflattering about them.


You'll keep trying until you get it right, which could be a million times. You're going to pretend until you make it.


Whether or not you subscribe to Christian beliefs, you can't deny that the message of forgiveness is a powerful one. 


You are the epitome of steadfastness; you may sway, but you cannot be broken. You can't be shaken or broken by anything that comes your way. 


You have always had an innate dislike for tyrants, liars, and abusers. Never let your personal preferences or biases cloud your judgment of what happened or what should be done to make things right.


Scorpios typically have the trait of being willing to try anything once, unless doing so could endanger their lives or the lives of others.


Though unpleasant, the truth is your compass. Long-term, an uncomfortable truth is better than a soothing lie. You consider lying blasphemous.


If it's 6AM and your partner has been up all night working and says they need to sleep or they'll go crazy, you go into the other room and quietly close the door to watch your funny cat videos.


Some things are intolerable. You accept different viewpoints, cultures, musical styles, trends, eras, and hairstyles, though the mullet is hard for you. 


You inspire others to pursue their dreams. Even on the gloomiest day, you know the sun will rise tomorrow. Tomorrow or the day after. Perhaps next week but the sun will shine.

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