They're smart and your best friend. You can talk about a complex and interesting article you sent them during the day and laugh about stupid stuff an hour later.


They understand your emotions. You trust them without condition. Importantly, you share values and goals. You enjoy spending time with friends, want a minimalist bedroom, etc.


Love roars. You love them more than your last three relationships. You're best friends and passionate lovers. You can talk to them forever and grow closer.


Your emotional balance. You love them inexplicably. They listen and are open with you. Relationships either calm or agitate you. They're your confidant. They make you happy and comfortable.


You're proud of them. You're proud of yourself with them. You're instantly territorial and see them as an extension of yourself. You're glad this person feels the same way.


Unconditional love. It's okay if your relationship isn't perfect. You love their quirks and never doubt their love. You're safe and ecstatic. You love them and show it slowly.


This person is your best friend, lover, and partner. You know this is your deepest love. You're always swept off your feet, but you're also more balanced and secure.


They're the greatest. They always fascinate you and keep you curious. They change your life with a terrifying love. You become extremely loyal to them after the initial intensity subsides.


They enliven. They bring out your best. You want to travel and build a home with them. This person makes you do things you'd never consider like marriage gasp. Almost instantly. 


You know this is your life partner. You start making long-term plans right away, but it makes you feel more comfortable and ready to open up. 


This person is your everything. You immediately want to build a home and cook for them. They captivate you, but you also feel at ease.


Your muse. You think about, write poems about, and dream about them. This person captivates you and inspires your creativity.

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