You pursue relationships with confidence. You want the same. You want someone who instantly loves you.


Having your partner take charge is hot. Can you trust them? Relationship gold.


You wish that were real. And hey, if anyone is strong enough to go for it, it’s you. Live the sexy life you’ve always wanted.


You need a mature relationship because you hold so much. Their high EQ is endearing. They'll understand your admiration for their openness.


Companionship rules. You clearly love your best friend. You rarely admit to missing being swept off your feet. Tell your partner-turned-best friend you want spontaneous dates.


Romantically, you woo. You give your partner energy but don't get it back in imbalanced relationships. You want a sap. You want the honeymoon to last forever.


You can't stop thinking about your ex. Summer flings are your secret desire. To guarantee a five-day relationship, meet someone hot on vacation. 


You want a dinner planner. Controlling partner. Because it sounds bad, you don't say anything.


Pampering is what you want. They can hold your heart without breaking it. Because you bruise easily. 


Love you. It's easy. At the bookstore, you collide. You probably don't use dating apps, which frustrates friends who want you to be happy.


Everyone you date fails. They lack the wit to match your sass. You fantasise about the person who challenges you. You don't want opposites attract. Self-dating is your goal.


You want more dates. Dislike simplicity. They may not suit you if they fall into your lap. It's annoying to say how easy it is to find someone who likes you.

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