Relax this week. Don't punish yourself—challenge yourself. Have big goals, but don't risk your mental health. Rest when you're tired.


Enjoy this week. Instead of worrying about what could go wrong, enjoy the good times. Even if you prefer negative emotions, embrace positive ones.


Fail this week. Don't obsess over perfection or you'll procrastinate. Failure is better than never trying.


Walk away this week. No matter how many chances you give someone, you should leave them. Waiting for change will disappoint you. Take action and leave if they won't.


Relax this week. Nightly reminiscences are depressing. Don't hold onto dead people and memories. Miss the past, but enjoy the present.


Grieve this week. Accept your feelings when you lose someone. If you don't handle your emotions now, they'll grow. It's better to cry and feel to heal.


Allow change this week. Changing careers, ending a relationship, or moving is fine. Rethinking is fine. Reassessing your goals is fine.


Cry this week. Feel everything. Don't act happy when you're hurting. You'll feel better after crying, whether with a trusted friend or alone.


Relax this week. Moving so fast will burn you out. To avoid overload, limit your workload. Don't compete with yourself, even in life. Less is fine.


Feel sad this week. Don't tell yourself you're overreacting or shouldn't complain. Even messy feelings are yours. Your thoughts matter, so don't dismiss your feelings.


Be vulnerable this week. Open up. Speak honestly. Despite the fear, being honest will make you feel better. Accept your situation. And admit when you need help.


This week, let go. Stay away from someone who won't change. If they don't value you, find someone who does. A worthy lover.

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