He was wrong—you didn't slide downward after the split. He's dying to see your stunning assurance.You keep going despite your anger about the split.You go out with the females while crying. 


He vanished. Because you're trustworthy and patient, he knows you're giving him another chance. Although you're great and he sometimes thinks he doesn't deserve you, he can't go!


Since you were his longtime love, he was heartbroken. You're making it harder by flirting. You gave him many emotions, and he's only now realising how much you loved him.


You were faithful and emotionally mature enough to make the relationship work. He wants you again.  He considers you marriage-worthy.


Leo, you're unstoppable. Your ex returned because your personality is contagious.He became blue after leaving you. While you rocked that stage, he realised his error.


Since you're single, this breakup hurt. It took serious inspection to confirm that this guy is the one to date. Loser dumped you. You're his detail. Details enhances life.


You and your ex were inseparable. He's lonely because he let you go, and you have a terrific team to take care of you. You had great folks, but he couldn't keep friends or ladies. 


After his breakup, you stayed cool. Your coldness hurt his ego. You were strong and determined to live alone. . He craved your fierceness.


Breakups don't bother Sag. She considers it a fresh start. You started over when your ex dumped you. You're positive about the future and don't think this breakup is the end. .


You did what your ex couldn't. He suffers without your advice. Teenage. Your maturity is ruining his life. He thought he wanted to be wild and single, but he's finding that life is nothing without you.


He's uninteresting without you. He left your brain-stimulating talk for who knows what. He admired your intelligence and dedication to advancement and significance.


Pisces are kindest. Your ex assumed he dumped you. You've found another artistic talent to forget the divorce. He'll miss your closeness when you succeed. 

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