When you open up to your forever person, you know. When you've found someone you don't keep secrets from, you must really trust them.


You've found your soulmate when you include them in everything. Invite them to family holidays. When you bring them to work. when everywhere.


You've found your soulmate when you stop looking. Because you're afraid of making the wrong choice, you've found someone worth the trouble when you stop considering other options. A keeper.


Stop worrying about being clingy when you find your forever person. knowing they want to hear from you. You trust them to stay because they love you too.


You've found your soulmate when you stop acting and act weird. When you're comfortable and don't feel pressured. Because you know they love you, not a facade.

Planning your future together means you've found your soulmate. When you're sure you'll marry this person. You view houses and pets together because you're committed.



Your forever person is someone you want to spend more time with. Cleaning or grocery shopping never bores you. You want more time together.


You've found forever when commitment doesn't scare you. Attention-seekers won't marry you. Real. Perfect. If you're considering marriage, you've found someone special.


When you can talk about anything with your soulmate, you know. When you know they won't judge you and will always support you, no topic is off-limits. They know your true self.


If you start every sentence with we, we're soulmates. Self-reliant. Relationships fail. When you see yourself as a package and want others to do the same, you must love and trust someone.


You've found your soulmate when they embarrass you. When you wear matching Halloween costumes or dance even though you hate it. You must love them to do this.


When you run to them with good news or bad news, you've found your forever person. When they become your main emotional support and know how to make you feel better.

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